JP&A Dyson is currently accepting proposals for books on writing and/or getting published, from established authorities in the field.

What we're looking for

We'd be interested in books on particular genres: how to write a great romance, or market a science fiction epic, etc.

We'd also be interested in books on general aspects of writing: how to structure plot, or how to develop characters, for instance.

Proposals for books on the practical, business side of writing are also welcome. This could include books on how to pitch to an agent; how to approach publishers; how to make use of the new self-publishing options available to writers; etc.

Who we're looking for

In order for your proposal to be considered, you must be able to demonstrate relevant experience / expertise in the field, and present good reasons for you to be considered an authority on the subject on which you are writing.

You might have a track record of writing books that have been accepted for publication by commercial publishers; or you might have experience working at a literary agency, or as an Acquisitions Editor for a major publishing house; or perhaps you run a creative writing course for a respected university. Just be sure that your experience is relevant, and of a sufficient level: having been an intern at a literary agency will not suffice if all you did was make the coffee and sort the mail; working as an Acquisitions Editor for a legal publisher does not qualify you to write a book on getting poetry published; and merely attending a creative writing course is not enough.

Submitting your proposal

All proposals must be submitted online through our contact form. Proposals sent by post will not receive a response.

Be as succinct as possible. In one paragraph, describe your book; in another, explain what qualifies you to write it.

If we are interested in the proposal, we will reply to request more information and/or a full manuscript.

If you or your book clearly do not meet the criteria set out above, please do not expect to receive a reply.

To submit your proposal, please use the contact form here.