JP&A Dyson traces its history back to 2001, with the founding of the firstwriter.com website by the "JP" of JP&A Dyson. Other websites subsequently came and went: First Portraits offered an online pencil portraiture service, and First Webs provided web design. Gamecube-Review.co.uk become the number one ranked site in the UK for Nintendo Gamecube reviews, and its successor, Game-Traders.co.uk, provided gamers with a means of trading games online.

In 2006, the business became a partnership, and the JP&A Dyson partnership was born. By 2008 the partnership had launched a second business, MusicSocket, providing a similar service to aspiring music artists as firstwriter.com already provided to writers.

In 2012, JP&A Dyson began experimenting with ebook publishing, and in 2013 launched its first print title (also available as an ebook): The firstwriter.com Writers' Handbook 2014. This was shortly followed by the first edition of The MusicSocket.com Music Industry Directory. Both books have seen new editions every year since.